The launch of an index for the growth of major industries in Abu Dhabi

The launch of an index for the growth of major industries in Abu Dhabi

23 Jul 2020
Industrial Development Bureau, DED - Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development revealed in a media briefing yesterday that the total number of factories in the basic industries in the food, medical, energy and water sectors reached 115 factories with investments of 11 billion dirhams, explaining that the launch of the basic industries project aims to provide the needs of the local market in the emirate, increase the local content and empower the main industries. To provide the local market with high quality, competitive national product.

The department confirmed that it aims to provide a strong industrial base that achieves self-sufficiency and a base for the final consumer industries to achieve leadership with the availability of the environment in the logistical competitiveness of export and supply. The launch of a growth index will be made for the main industries of food, medicine, energy and vital industries, during the next phase to ensure the path of this trend.

The briefing revealed that the food industries project was distributed among 69 licenses in the food industries, including 39 licenses in Abu Dhabi, 23 in Al Ain and 7 in Al Dhafra, and 13 industrial licenses in medical industries, with investments amounting to 561 million dirhams for 9 licenses in Abu Dhabi and about 162 million dirhams for 4 licenses in Al Ain.

In the industries supporting energy production for 33 licenses, with investments amounting to 4 billion dirhams for 25 licenses, about 346 million dirhams for j7 licenses in Al-Ain, and about five million dirhams for one license.

Khalid bin Zamah, Director of the Industrial Development Department at the Industrial Development Bureau at the Department, Nabil Saleh, Director of the Health and Safety Department in the Industry Development, and Muhammad Al Hosani, Director of the Local Investment Department at the Abu Dhabi Investment Office participated in the briefing.

The department clarified that the project was launched after studying the market and knowing the gaps and needs, noting that there is a large gap in medical supplies, and there will be large investments in this field.