Investment Areas in Basic Industries in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Investment Areas in Basic Industries in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Project Objectives:

Enhancing self-sufficiency in basic products
Attracting new investments
Development of existing basic industries

Process Title

Investment Areas of Basic Industries:

Food sector

  • Vacuum Packaging
  • Food drying (fruits, vegetables and meat)
  • Dates manufacturing industries (bread yeast)
  • Dates manufacturing industries (Baby food industry)
  • Manufacturing of kerimon (palm-mite treatment material)
  • Seed production and processing
  • Dates manufacturing industries (protein production)
  • Fodder manufacturing from food waste

Medical Sector

  • Eye Cosmetics
  • Manufacturing of Inhalants
  • Manufacturing of sterile Pharmaceutical
  • Medical gloves
  • Single-use clothing and blankets
  • Manufacturing of Medical safety glasses and face shields
  • Manufacturing of ventilator and suction equipment
  • Manufacturing of tubes and endoscopes
  • Manufacturing of biometric devices and equipment
  • Manufacturing of preservative medical refrigerators (-20 to -80 C)
  • Manufacturing of laboratory and examination equipment
  • Manufacturing of surgical equipment and tools
  • Suction devices

Energy Production-Supportive Industries:

  • Manufacturing of electronic systems for monitoring water and electricity consumption
  • Manufacturing of solar panels and batteries used in the production of clean electrical energy
  • Manufacturing of multi-sized water pumps
  • Manufacturing of water filter system spare parts


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