5 types of customs exemptions for industrial establishments in Abu Dhabi

5 types of customs exemptions for industrial establishments in Abu Dhabi

31 Jan 2020
Industrial Development Bureau, DED - Abu Dhabi

For industrial establishments, which are obtained from the Department of Industry Development Bureau of the department, it includes five types of exemptions, which are exemptions on machinery and equipment, spare parts, and building materials needed by the industrial project, as well as raw and intermediate materials, and semi-finished goods.

The department stated to "Emirates Today" that there are three steps that industrial establishments must take to obtain customs exemption, explaining that the first step is to apply for immediate customs exemption through the customs system, or the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi revealed that the customs exemption is through offices Customs clearance, while the second step is to pay fees for the customs exemption transaction, which amounts to 250 dirhams per transaction, and thirdly, obtain an immediate result of the exemption through the system. The department called for obtaining an immediate license for new projects for various activities, especially industrial activities, noting that the license is issued electronically in less than four minutes, as it constitutes a facilitation of procedures and a stimulating start for entrepreneurs and investors in various sectors, especially the industrial ones.

It stated that its industry office conducts periodic inspections of industrial facilities, to ensure their compliance with the laws and the regulatory framework for safety standards, and to verify their compliance with the conditions of industrial licenses. The Department pointed out the importance of the Industrial Development Bureau in Abu Dhabi finally announcing the investment of 60 million dirhams in a new batch of emerging and investment companies that include five innovative emerging companies, with the aim of supporting technology companies.

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