Abu Dhabi DED permits the activity of recovering materials from waste production lines

Abu Dhabi DED permits the activity of recovering materials from waste production lines

18 Mar 2020
Industrial Development Bureau, DED - Abu Dhabi

The Department of Economic Development Abu Dhabi, represented by its Industrial Development Office, authorized the circulation of industrial facilities licensed at the emirate level for secondary industrial materials resulting from manufacturing processes, by re-entering them into its production processes by adding production lines for this purpose or selling them to industrial establishments in the emirate to be used as raw materials. Muhammad Al-Mansoori, Executive Director of the Industrial Development Bureau, said that this decision comes within the industrial sector sustainability project implemented by the department, allowing industrial establishments to retrieve secondary industrial products and include them in industrial processes by adding the activity of material recovery from the waste of factory production lines in a way that contributes to reducing the financial burden on these establishments By disposing of these materials as industrial waste. It is expected that more than () 60 Mansouri industrial establishments operating in the field of metallurgy, aluminum and plastic industries, chemical industries, paper and other industries that produce secondary materials of economic value that can be reused are expected to benefit from this decision.


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