Abu Dhabi is implementing the “Basic Industries Project” to achieve self-sufficiency

Abu Dhabi is implementing the “Basic Industries Project” to achieve self-sufficiency

19 Jul 2020
Industrial Development Bureau, DED - Abu Dhabi

The Department of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi is working on the implementation of the “Basic Industries Project”, which aims to identify areas of local industrial investment at the level of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and confine it to four main sectors, namely the food and medical industries, and support for energy production and other important industries such as iron, aluminum and cement in order to achieve self-sufficiency The emirate is one of the most consumed and basic commodities at the local level.

The Department of Industry Development of the department identified a number of existing investment fields that will be developed in addition to attracting new investment areas within the four industrial sectors that the project targets .. And 8 new investment areas for food industries were listed along with the development of 9 investment fields for existing industries and 14 new investment areas For medical industries, in addition to developing 9 fields for existing industries and 4 new investment fields for industries supporting energy production, and developing 7 fields for existing industries.

Mohammed Ali Al-Shurafa, Head of the Department, said that this project, which is implemented by the Department of Industry Development of the Department in cooperation with its strategic partners, comes as a translation of the vision of the leadership and government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi aimed at achieving self-sufficiency in the emirate’s local economic system by focusing on key industries, enabling them, enhancing their competitiveness and achieving sufficiency Self in food, medicine, energy, and vital industries.

He stressed that the importance of this project lies in translating its goals to the directives of the government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi by enabling the major industries to provide the local market with a high-quality national product that is competitive, which will receive great support from government and semi-government agencies.

He pointed out that the Abu Dhabi Local Content Program is one of the pillars of this project as it depends on 3 main axes that translate its objectives, which are increasing local purchases, increasing Emiratization in the private sector, and strengthening the local supply chain.

He added: “We discussed the integrated work plan of the project with the strategic partners in line with the strategic directions of each party, and in what contributes to the provision of basic industrial products within the local markets, in addition to finding a new mechanism for developing existing local industries, and giving them the required priority in the procurement ladder, through Offering specialized programs that would enhance the competitiveness of these products, develop quality standards, and elevate them to the highest levels. ”

He explained that the Industrial Development Bureau started its meetings with a number of government agencies to implement the project, notably the health and energy departments, the Abu Dhabi Authority for Agriculture and Food Safety, the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, the Industries Company, Emirates International Aluminum Company and other strategic partners.

He said: “We are continuing our efforts and intensifying coordination between the Industrial Development Bureau and the Department’s Abu Dhabi Investment Office to study various possible investment fields and develop the existing basic industries, including food and medical industries.” He explained that the number of factories in the food field today reaches 62 factories in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and in the field of Medical industries 13 factories.

Muhammad Ali Al-Shurafa praised the role of the strategic partners of the Industrial Development Bureau in supporting the department’s endeavors in implementing the new project that contributes to strengthening industrial infrastructure in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and encouraging basic industries in Abu Dhabi to increase investments in this sector as it is one of the most vital sectors, stressing the Department’s continued enhancement of its efforts to implement this The project and achieving its goals in achieving sustainable self-sufficiency in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.