Barakah sustainable utilization gives entrepreneurs a foothold in foreign markets

Barakah sustainable utilization gives entrepreneurs a foothold in foreign markets

27 Jul 2020
Industrial Development Bureau, DED - Abu Dhabi

The Barakah nuclear power generation project contributed to enhancing the activities of entrepreneurs and owners of small enterprises, by achieving 4 main gains, and in specialists in the sector, which included product enhancement and financial returns, spread and promotion, calling on business owners to keep pace with technology innovations and evolving work rules for continued benefit throughout the operation of the project Long term.

The gains achieved by positive business owners were topped by the recognition of the quality and development of services and goods, which gives them a clear technical certificate, in addition to opening markets for external supply through the main contractors or partnerships with external suppliers to supply in their local markets, in addition to providing a strong and continuous source of returns with a long period of time.

Term of the project and its needs. In order to enhance the benefit of project and program requirements, entrepreneurs must achieve basic requirements, including the application of clear policies for governance, performance development and sustainability strategies, as well as promoting the spread of projects, building a streamlined information base and enhancing communication mechanisms with the responsible authorities.

According to the Director of Procurement at the Nuclear Energy Corporation, Muhammad Al-Junaibi, a large number of small companies contributed to supplying the needs of the Barakah project during the construction phase that continued throughout the past years within the local content contracts.

Al-Junaibi identified a number of benefits that were reflected on small business leaders, foremost of which is the implicit recognition of the quality and appropriateness of the services and goods they provide and their conformity with international standards in light of the highest levels of quality and the special nature of nuclear activity, which imposes the highest levels of quality and safety standards.

In return, business owners obtained a clear qualification through the Corporation's Industry Development Office, which contributed to improving the performance of these companies and developing them to contribute to filling the project's needs from the local market.

He added that one of the main benefits also was to give the opportunity to small companies and entrepreneurs to exit from the local market circle to some external contracts, whether through major contractors or partnerships and opportunities with external suppliers to enter their markets. For his part, the consultant in the projects sector, Muhammad Suleiman, identified one of the most important aspects of benefiting from the existence of a strong and stable source for the period of Tobla for contracts and returns, which enhances the financial ability of business owners to achieve the planned profits and work to enhance the expansion, continuity and development of business and accelerate the pace of transformation from small businesses to the ranks of institutions Major.

Adherence to the rules of governance requires taking advantage of the promising opportunities provided by the Barakah nuclear project for projects, especially small and medium-sized companies, to achieve the rules of governance and develop performance with the importance of building updated rules for projects and enhancing their flow to the relevant government institutions in order to ensure obtaining contracts.