Implementing the industrial sector sustainability requirements project in Abu Dhabi

Implementing the industrial sector sustainability requirements project in Abu Dhabi

19 Mar 2020
Industrial Development Bureau, DED - Abu Dhabi

The Industrial Development Office of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development announced the implementation of the "Development and Application of Sustainability Requirements in the Industrial Sector" project, with the aim of studying industrial operations, establishing a baseline and comparisons, to provide a clear understanding of the performance of the industrial sector in Abu Dhabi. Mohamed Al Mansoori, Executive Director of the Industrial Development Bureau, said that this initiative is the first of its kind, focusing on key sustainability components, such as material conversion efficiency, energy density, water, environmental footprint, waste management, as well as occupational exposure to pollutants and noise in the workplace. . He explained that the project to develop and implement the requirements for the sustainability of the industrial sector comes within the framework of the Department of Economic Development's efforts to achieve sustainability in the economic sectors that support the local economy of the emirate. The project will focus, in its first phase, on factories with high production, which use energy in large quantities, and that have an impact on the environment, through carbon emissions and gases. Engineer Nabil Al-Awlaki, Director of the Environment, Health and Safety Department at the bureau, stated that the project aims to reduce energy intensity in production, by reducing consumption to 128 as well as 20 50% of water consumption, which can be reduced in industrial processes, by changing practices, and implementing potential solutions. Available in the market. Sustainable manufacturing practices would further support the circular economy and reduce waste generation by 15-20%, which, in turn, overburdened landfill facilities.


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