Energy Tariff Incentive Program 2.0 (ETIP)

Energy Tariff Incentive Program 2.0 (ETIP)


ETIP 2.0 Objectives


Enhancing the economic impact

Boost the Productivity & competitiveness level

Improve the efficiency of energy use

Reduce industrial operation expenses


Existing Manufacturing Entities Evaluation Criteria


Program Enrolment requirements

Audited Financial Statements/ management accounts as applicable  (Both New & Existing)
Asset Declaration Letter (Both New & Existing)
WPS Statistics Report  (Both New & Existing)
Certified Labor list issued by MOHRE (Both New & Existing)
ETIP Manpower Declaration  (Both New & Existing)
ETIP Skilled Labor declaration  (Only Existing)
Annual Production Capacity details ( recommended) (Both New & Existing)
ADDC Documents (Both New & Existing)
Gas Billing Invoice (Year End)
Supporting Documents reflects the industry yearly demand request
Any other documents as considered necessary for verification

Certifying Bodies

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How to become a Certifying Body

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