Q: What type of industrial activities are included?

Answer: - Electrical Manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing, Chemical Manufacturing, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Machineries & Equipment Manufacturing and Transportation Manufacturing.

Q: Who is eligible to apply for Land Rebate Incentive Program?

Answer: - Valid Industrial License: “Under Construction” Industrial License or; Maximum 6 months of “Production” Industrial License.
- The project falls under one of the targeted subsectors.
- Availability of Valid MUSATAHA Contract between the Investor and one of the Developers within Abu Dhabi.


Q: Does the Program cover other consumers than industrial?

Answer: - The program covers new industrial establishments only.

Q: Are Free Zone investors eligible to benefit from this initiative?

Answer: - No. Free zones entities are not eligible to enter the program.

Q: When can I apply to the program?

Answer: - Applicants can be eligible to apply to the program once they issue “Under Construction” License or 6 months maximum “Production” license. The applicants can apply anytime within 2023-2027 to benefit from the program.

Q: How and when will I be able to receive the rebate as per my approved certificate?

Answer: - Upon completion of the annual chargeable contract period, entities will be able to apply through the portal for their rebate. This will require proof of completed payments, bank certificate for beneficiary IBAN/account number matching the applicant trade license and required confirmation from the developer ensuring contractual requirements were adhered to by the entity. Accordingly, the funds will be released to the beneficiary in conjunction with Department of Finance.

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