• - Instant Issuance
  • - Eligibility for 2 labor visas
  • - No industrial location is required

Industry Rowad

The issuance of “Industry Rowad” license for the industrial activities which will be practiced in the facility at the final stage. A legal entity which enables an investor to find an industrial land for rent.


For Individuals :

  • 1. Selecting “Industrial Activity”

For Companies :

  • 1. Booking a trade name
  • 2. Selecting “Industrial Activity”
  • 3. An attested copy of the Articles of Association to be submitted within one month from the Rowad License’s issuance date

Services provided during the Establishment Stage

Establish Trade Name (companies)

Document Establishment Contract through Notary (companies)

Issue a New Industrial License

Recruitment of Industrial Labor

Industrial Land Allocation

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