Electricity Tariff Incentive Program

Electricity Tariff Incentive Program


Enhancing the economic impact of the industrial sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Boosting factories› productivity in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Improve the efficiency of energy use.


Long Term Clasdarity

Overall Description


Program Criteria

Economic Impact
Productivity – Value Addition
Distribution Companies› Eligibility Criteria



Here are the steps to register in this initiative: First, visit https://added.gov.ae/


Log in to DED e-Service using your current username and password.


Choose IDP Industrial Services and then choose “Electricity Tariff Request”.


Enter he industrial license number that requires an electricity tariff.


Complete the required fields (name, email, and phone number).


Select the Certifying Bodies you wish to deal with. You can select one or more certifying body.


You will be directed to the upload window to upload the required documents as stated on the website.


Click “Submit Application” to submit “Request for Quotation”


The Certifying Bodies will review the submitted documents and prepare the quotations or they will ask for more information.


When the Certifying Bodies submit the quotation, you will be notified.


Right after this notification, log in to your account and review the submitted quotations of the chosen Certifying Bodies and select one (Awarding)


The selected Certifying Body will begin auditing the application based on a set of criteria, and they may contact you for further clarification.


The selected Certifying Body will issue the balance scorecard as per the criteria, with a summary report of deserved scores.


The selected Certifying Body will ask you to sign the balance scorecard.


If the industrial establishment achieves 50 points or more, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) will issue the program enrollment certificate which determines the granted category.


If the industrial establishment achieves less than 50 points, the IDB will send you a regret letter.


After meeting the required criteria, you can contact the distribution companies to apply the new tariff for the industrial facility.

Downloadable Documents

Required Documents

Audited Financial Statements. (for previous year)
Certified laborers list issued by Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE).
Distribution Company Supply Information Form
Labor salary details.
Number of UAE Nationals in the workforce.


The Department of Economic Development established the “Electrical Tariff Incentive Program” with the goal of enhancing Abu Dhabi’s reputation as the preferred location for industrial projects in the region. Electrical Tariff Incentive Program will administer preferential electricity tariffs for the industrial projects and work closely with industrial manufacturing entities to improve their efficiency with regards to the entity’s energy consumption.

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All the industrial facilities operating in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi holding valid industrial license issued by the IDB are eligible to apply for the program.

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Manufacturing Entities could potentially qualify for special tariffs based on a set of criteria reflecting their economic value and their cost-to-serve. incremental

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The program is designed only for the existing manufacturing entities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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You can apply online by visiting www.ded.abudhabi.ae/en/idb and following the instructions.

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The Three criteria will be used to audit the manufacturing entities in order to acquire the needed points to be eligible for the incentives specified in the categories.

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