Bio- Culture Plants Propagation 
Animals Meats Preparation
Meat Products Production
Animal Offal Processing
Poultry Meats Preparation
Poultry Products Production
Poultry Offal Processing
Fish and Seafood Processing and Preserving
Fish and Seafood Products Production
Fish Processing and Preserving on Vessels Engaged
Seaweed Processing
Fit Consumption Fishmeal Production
Fruits and Vegetables Processing and Packaging
Fruit or Vegetables Food Products Manufacturing
Industrial Potatoes Peeling
Potatoes Processing and Preserving
Fruit or Vegetables Juices Manufacturing
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Concentrates Production
Jams, and Table Jellies Manufacturing
Fruit, Nuts and Vegetables Preserving
Nuts Roasting
Fruits and Vegetables Perishable Prepared Foods Manufacturing
Vegetable Oils Refining and Manufacturing
Vegetable Ghee (Margarine) Manufacturing
Animal Oils and Fats Manufacturing
Fish and Marine Mammal oils Extraction
Oils Production Residuals Products Production
Liquid Milk Manufacturing
Butter Manufacturing
Cheese and Curd Manufacturing
Yogurt Manufacturing
Milk Cream Manufacturing
Ice Cream Manufacturing
Dried and Concentrated Milk Manufacturing
Twines and Ropes of Textile Fibers or Strip and Like Manufacturing
Knotted Netting Manufacturing
Ropes or Nettings Products Manufacturing
Special Purpose Fabrics Manufacturing
Textile Hosepiping Manufacturing
Textile Labels and Badges and Similar Manufacturing
Automotive Trimmings Manufacturing
Textiles Shoe-Lace Manufacturing
Transmission or Conveyor Belts Manufacturing
Felt Manufacturing
Tulles and Like Fabrics, Lace and Embroidery, Pieces, Strips or Motifs Manufacturing
Textile Ornamental Trimmings Manufacturing
Men's Underwears and Nightwears Manufacturing
Men's Outerwears Manufacturing
Work Wears Manufacturing
Children Outerwears Manufacturing
Children Underwears and Nightwears Manufacturing
Ladies' Outerwears Manufacturing
Ladies Underwears and Nightwears Manufacturing
Leather Wearing Apparel and Its Accessories Manufacturing
Babies’ Garments and Sports Wears Manufacturing
Hats and Caps Manufacturing
Clothing Accessories Manufacturing
Fur Skins Headgear Manufacturing
Textile Footwear Without Applied Soles Manufacturing
Military Garments Manufacturing
Custom Tailoring
Fur Wearing Apparel and Clothing Accessories Manufacturing
Knitted or Crocheted Wearing Apparel Manufacturing
Hosiery and Socks of All Kinds Manufacturing
Hides and Skins Tanning, Dyeing and Dressing
Leather of All Kinds Manufacturing
Composition Leather Manufacturing
Fur Skins and Hides With Hair On Tanning, Dyeing and Dressing
Luggage, Handbags and The Like Manufacturing
Driving Belts and Leather Diverse Articles Manufacturing
Saddlery and Harness Manufacturing
Leather Shoe-Lace Manufacturing
Footwear for All Purposes Manufacturing
Sandals Manufacturing
Slippers Manufacturing
Footwear Leather Parts Manufacturing
Military Footwear Manufacturing

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