Crude Coal and Lignite Tars Production (1910002)
Coke and Semi-Coke Production (1910003)
Pitch and Pitch Coke Production (1910004)
Coke Oven Gas Production (1910005)
Agglomeration of Coke (1910006)
Fuel Oil and Refinery Gases Production (1920001)
Road Coverings and Petrochemical Industry Products Manufacturing (1920005)
Oil-Based Lubricating Oils or Greases Manufacturing (1920006)
Petroleum Jelly Manufacturing (1920010)
Paraffin Wax Manufacturing (1920011)
Natural Gas Liquefaction (1920013)
Engines Motors Fuel Production (1920017)
Blending of Biofuels. (1920018)
Chemical Elements Manufacturing (2011003)
Inorganic Industrial or Medical Gases Manufacturing (2011005)
Dry Ice Manufacturing (2011006)
Distilled Water Manufacturing (2011008)
Synthetic Aromatic Products Manufacturing (2011009)
Inorganic Chemical Compounds Manufacturing (2011010)
Alkalis, Lyes and Other Inorganic Bases Manufacturing (2011011)
Calcium Carbonate Powder Manufacturing (2011012)
Inorganic Acids Manufacturing (2011014)
Basic Organic Chemical Acids Manufacturing (2011017)
Compounds Basic Organic Chemicals Manufacturing (2011018)
Synthetic Glycerol Manufacturing (2011019)
Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing (2011020)
Straight or Complex Fertilizers Manufacturing (2012002)
Urea, Crude Natural Phosphates and Potassium Salts Manufacturing (2012005)
Associated Nitrogen Products Manufacturing (2012006)
Ammonia and Caustic Soda Manufacturing (2012008)
Crudes Plastics in Primary Forms Manufacturing (2013001)
Synthetic Rubber in Primary Forms Manufacturing (2013003)
Synthetic Rubber and Natural Rubber Mixtures Manufacturing (2013004)
Rubber-like Gums Manufacturing (2013005)
Synthetic Sponge Manufacturing (2013006)
Insecticides, Rodenticides, Fungicides and Herbicides Manufacturing (2021001)
Plant Growth Regulators and Anti-Sprouting Products Manufacturing (2021003)
Disinfectants Manufacturing (2021004)
Organic Bacteria Production (2021005)
Paints and Varnishes Manufacturing (2022001)
Caulking Compounds and Similar Manufacturing (2022003)
Prepared Pigments and Colours Manufacturing (2022004)
Organic Composite Solvents and Thinner Manufacturing (2022005)
Prepared Paint or Varnish Removers Manufacturing (2022006)
Printing Ink Manufacturing (2022007)
Vitrifiable Enamels, Glazes, Engobes and Similar Preparations Manufacturing (2022009)
Soap Manufacturing (2023001)
Washing Powders and Detergents Manufacturing (2023002)
Dish-Washing Preparations Manufacturing (2023004)
Textiles Softeners Manufacturing (2023005)
Perfumes and Toilet Water Manufacturing (2023008)
Agarwood and Incense Manufacturing (2023009)
Deodorants and Bath Salts Manufacturing (2023011)
Beauty and Make-Up Preparations Manufacturing (2023012)
Dentifrices and Oral Hygiene Preparations Manufacturing (2023013)
Denture Fixative Preparations Manufacturing (2023014)
Shaving Preparations Manufacturing (2023015)
Hair Care Preparations Manufacturing (2023016)
Cleaning and Polishing Products Manufacturing (2023018)
Manicure and Pedicure Preparations Manufacturing (2023020)
Depilatories Manufacturing (2023021)
Sunburn Prevention and Sun Tan Preparations Manufacturing (2023022)
Deodorizing Rooms Preparations Manufacturing (2023023)
Crude Glycerol Manufacturing (2023024)
Organic Surface-Active Agents Manufacturing (2023025)
Fire Extinguishing Materials Manufacturing (2029001)
Explosives and Pyrotechnic Products Manufacturing (2029003)
Resinoids Manufacturing (2029005)
Glues and Prepared Adhesives Manufacturing (2029006)
Writing and Drawing Ink Manufacturing (2029008)
Textiles and Leather Finishing Used Chemical Materials Manufacturing (2029009)
Cements Prepared Additives Manufacturing (2029010)
Oilfields Chemicals Manufacturing (2029011)
Photographic Uses Chemical Preparations Manufacturing (2029012)
Photographic Plates and Films Manufacturing (2029013)
Anti-Knock and Antifreeze Chemical Preparations Manufacturing (2029014)
Composite Diagnostic or Laboratory Reagents Chemicals Manufacturing (2029018)
Gelatine and Its Derivatives Manufacturing (2029019)
Essential Oils Manufacturing (Essence) (2029021)
Extracted Natural Aromatic Products Manufacturing (2029022)
Aromatic Distilled Waters Manufacturing (2029023)
Matches Manufacturing (2029024)
Welding Powders and Pastes Manufacturing (2029025)
Activated Carbon, Auxiliary Agents and Anti Corrosions Chemicals Manufacturing (2029026)
Chemically Modified Oils And Fats Manufacturing        (2029027)
Propellant Powders Manufacturing (2029028)
Cloud Seeding Materials and Tools Manufacturing (2029029)
Synthetic or Artificial Staple Fibers Manufacturing  (2030002)
Synthetic or Artificial Filament Tow Manufacturing  (2030003)

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