Ferro-Alloys Production (2410101)
Primary Steel Forms Production (2410102)
Iron or Steel Scrap Ingots Remelting (2410103)
Steel Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled Flat-Rolled Products Manufacturing (2410104)
Steel Cold Forming Open Sections Manufacturing (2410105)
Cold Drawing or Stretching Steel Wires Manufacturing (2410106)
Steel Seamless Tubes, Pipes and Hollow Profiles Manufacturing (2410107)
Steel Welded Tubes and Pipes Manufacturing (2410108)
Steel Tubes Fittings of All Kinds Manufacturing (2410109)
Steel in Ingots or Other Primary Forms Production (2410110)
Steel Semi-Finished Products Production (2410111)
Direct Reduction of Iron Ferrous Products Production (2410112)
Steel Hot-Rolled Open Sections Manufacturing (2410113)
Hot-Rolled Steel Bars and Rods Manufacturing (2410901)
Steel Bars Preparation (2410902)
Steel Railway Track Materials (Unassembled Rails) Manufacturing (2410903)
Steel Bars and Solid Sections by Cold Processes Manufacturing (2410904)
Smelting, Rolling, Traction, and Extracting Basic Non-Ferrous Metals (2420001)
Production of Aluminium Oxide (Alumina) (2420003)
Production of Aluminium From Waste Electrolytic Refining (2420004)
Basic Precious Metals Production and Refining (2420005)
Precious Metal Semi-Products Production (2420006)
Non-Ferrous Metals Wires by Drawing Manufacturing (2420009)
Aluminium Wrapping Foil Production (2420010)
Aluminium (Tin) Foil Laminates Manufacturing (2420011)
Precious Metal Foil Laminates Manufacturing (2420012)
Silver Rolled Onto Base Metals Production (2420013)
Non-Ferrous Metals Sections Manufacturing (2420014)
Non-Ferrous Metals Alloys Production (2420015)
Metals Semi-Manufacturing (2420016)
Aluminum Self-Adhesive Tapes (2420017)
Casting of Iron Castings (2431001)
Cast Iron Tubes, Pipes, Hollow Profiles and Fittings Manufacturing (2431002)
Tubes and Pipes Fittings of Cast-Steel Manufacturing (2431003)
Casting of Malleable Cast-Iron Products (2431006)
Casting of Steel Castings (2431007)
Casting of Semi-Finished Steel Products (2431008)
Seamless Steel Tubes and Pipes by Centrifugal Casting Manufacturing (2431009)
Casting of Precious Metal Castings (2432001)
Casting of Non-Ferrous Metal Castings (2432002)
Construction Metal Framework and Skeletons and Parts thereof Manufacturing (2511003)
Metal Prefabricated Buildings Manufacturing (2511005)
Metal Trash Tubes Manufacturing (2511007)
Fireproof Metal Doors Manufacturing (2511008)
Metal Industrial Frameworks Manufacturing (2511010)
Floor Attachment Metal Room Partitions Manufacturing (2511016)
Metal Doors, Windows and Their Frames, Shutters and Gates Manufacturing (2511017)
Metal Reservoirs, Tanks and Similar Containers Installed as Fixtures Manufacturing (2512001)
Central Heating Boilers and Radiators Manufacturing (2512006)
Compressed or Liquefied Gas Metal Containers Manufacturing (2512008)
Steam or other Vapours Generators Manufacturing (2513001)
Pipe Systems Manufacturing (2513003)
Parts for Marine or Power Boilers Manufacturing (2513004)
Military Heavy Weapons Manufacturing (2520001)
Light Military Weapons Manufacturing (2520002)
Military Ammunition Manufacturing (2520004)
Military Weapons Spare Parts Manufacturing (2520006)
Medium Military Weapons Manufacturing (2520007)
Metal Forging, Pressing, Stamping and Roll-Forming (2591006)
Powder Metallurgy (2591007)
Metal Coating (2592001)
Metals Deburring, Blasting, Tumbling, and Cleaning (2592004)
Non-metallic Coating of Metals (2592009)
Metals Colouring and Engraving (2592010)
Machining and Forming of Metals (2592011)
Razors and Razor Blades Manufacturing (2593001)
Hand Tools Manufacturing (2593002)
Moulding Boxes and Moulds (Except Ingot Moulds) Manufacturing (2593003)
Cutlasses, Swords, Bayonets and Similar Manufacturing (2593004)
Machines Knives and Cutting Blades Manufacturing (2593005)
Saws and Saw Blades Manufacturing (2593006)
Hand and Machine Tools Interchangeable Tools Manufacturing (2593007)
Press Tools Manufacturing (2593008)
Padlocks, Locks, Keys, Hinges and The Like Manufacturing (2593009)
Vices and Clamps Manufacturing (2593011)
Food Products Tins and Cans, and Collapsible Containers Manufacturing (2599101)
Metal Pails, Boxes, Cans, and Drums Manufacturing (2599102)
Bolts, Screws, Nuts and Similar Threaded Products Manufacturing (2599104)
Metal Cable, Plaited Bands and Similar Articles Manufacturing (2599105)
Household Metal Utensils Manufacturing (2599106)
Containers Metallic Closures Manufacturing (2599107)
Office Use Metal Goods Manufacturing (2599108)
Welding Wire, Rods, Electrodes and Similar Products Manufacturing (2599112)
Non-Electrical Metal Signs Manufacturing (2599113)
Metal Baths, Sinks, Washbasins and Similar Manufacturing (2599116)
Metal Scouring Pads Manufacturing (2599117)
Safes, Strongboxes, Armoured Doors and Similar Manufacturing (2599121)
Nails and Pins Manufacturing (2599124)
Drainage Chambers Covers Manufacturing (2599126)
Metal Hair Curlers, Umbrella Handles and Frames, Combs Manufacturing (2599128)
Metal Flatware Manufacturing (2599129)
Metal Cables Non-Electrically Conductive Manufacturing (2599132)
Metal Badges and Metal Military Insignia Manufacturing (2599133)
Metal Ladders Manufacturing (2599134)
Insulated Metal Plates Manufacturing (2599305)
Springs Manufacturing (2599307)
Screw Machines Products Manufacturing (2599401)
Articles Made of Wire Manufacturing (2599902)
Chain Manufacturing (2599904)

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