Abu Dhabi's Key Highlights of Chemical Industries


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Chemical Industries

Includes multiple groups of activities dealing with the following:

- the activities dealing with transformation of crude petroleum and coal into usable products. The dominant process is petroleum refining, which involves the separation of crude petroleum into component products. This division also includes the manufacture for own account of characteristic products (e.g. coke, butane, propane, petrol, kerosene, fuel oil etc.)

- It includes the manufacture of gases such as ethane, propane and butane as products of petroleum refineries. Manufacture of industrial gases, and manufacture of fuel gas, other than petroleum gases (e.g. coal gas, water gas)

- It includes the transformation of organic and inorganic raw materials by a chemical process and the formation of products. It distinguishes the production of basic chemicals that constitute the first industry group from the production of intermediate and end products produced by further processing of basic chemicals. Such as manufacture the basic chemical products, alkalis, acids, fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, plastics and synthetic rubber in primary forms.

- It includes the manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations. This includes also the manufacture of medicinal chemical and botanical products.

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