Electrical Activities

Electric Motors Manufacturing (2710001)
Electric Distribution Transformers Manufacturing (2710003)
Electric Power Distribution Control Panels Manufacturing (2710005)
Power Generators Manufacturing (2710006)
Solar Panels Manufacturing (2710012)
Solar Panels Assembling (2710013)
Power Switching Equipment Manufacturing (2710016)
Electric Power Switches Manufacturing (2710017)
Power Circuit Breakers Manufacturing (2710018)
Transmission and Distribution Voltage Regulators Manufacturing (2710019)
Electrical Relays Manufacturing (2710020)
Electric Fuses Manufacturing (2710021)
Arc-Welding Transformers Manufacturing (2710022)
Fluorescent Ballasts (Transformers) Manufacturing (2710023)
Electric Power Distribution Substation Transformers Manufacturing (2710024)
Distribution  Level Voltage Surge Suppressors Manufacturing (2710025)
Manufacture of alternative energy equipment (2710026)
Wet Cell Batteries Manufacturing (2720001)
Dry Cell Batteries Manufacturing (2720002)
Electrical Accumulators and Parts Manufacturing (2720004)
Primary Cells and Batteries Manufacturing (2720006)
Lead Acid Batteries Manufacturing (2720007)
NiCad Batteries Manufacturing (2720008)
NiMH Batteries Manufacturing (2720009)
Lithium Batteries Manufacturing (2720010)
Fibers Optic Cables Manufacturing (2731001)
Insulated Wires and Cables Manufacturing (2732001)
Telecommunications Wires Manufacturing (2732003)
Lamp Holders Manufacturing (2733005)
Electrical Wiring Switches Manufacturing (2733006)
Electrical Outlets and Sockets Manufacturing (2733007)
Electrical Conduits and Fittings Manufacturing (2733008)
Bus Bars and Electrical Conductors Manufacturing (2733009)
Transmission Poles and Line Hardware Manufacturing (2733010)
Plastic Non-Current-Carrying Wiring Devices Manufacturing (2733011)
Electrical Wiring Boxes Manufacturing (2733012)
Electrical Lamps of All Kinds Manufacturing (2740001)
Ceiling Lighting Fixtures Manufacturing (2740002)
Chandeliers Manufacturing (2740003)
Street Lighting Fixtures Manufacturing (2740008)
Flashlights Manufacturing (2740009)
Non-Electrical Lighting Equipment Manufacturing (2740010)
Spotlights Manufacturing (2740011)
Refrigerators Manufacturing (2750001)
Domestic Water Coolers Manufacturing (2750002)
Freezers Manufacturing (2750003)
Washing Machines and Dryers Manufacturing (2750004)
Electrical Ovens, Cookers and Hotplates Manufacturing (2750005)
Domestic Electrical Water Heaters Manufacturing (2750006)
Domestic Non-Electric Cooking and Heating Equipment Manufacturing (2750009)
Electrical Space Heaters and Household-Type and Portable Fans Manufacturing (2750010)
Domestic Coffee or Tea Makers Manufacturing (2750011)
Ventilating or Recycling Hoods Electric Domestic Appliances Manufacturing (2750012)
Domestic Dishwashers Manufacturing (2750013)
Domestic Electrothermic Appliances Electric Heating Resistors and Similar Manufacturing (2750014)
Battery Chargers, Solid-State Manufacturing (2790001)
Electrical Door Opening and Closing Devices Manufacturing (2790002)
Electronic Scoreboards Manufacturing (2790003)
Electrical Signalling Equipment Manufacturing (2790004)
Electrical Welding and Soldering Equipment Manufacturing (2790005)
Electrical Signs Manufacturing (2790007)

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