Animals Meats Preparation (1010101)
Meat Products Production (1010102)
Animal Offal Processing (1010104)
Poultry Meats Preparation (1010901)
Poultry Products Production (1010902)
Poultry Offal Processing (1010903)
Fish and Seafood Processing and Preserving (1020001)
Fish and Seafood Products Production (1020002)
Fish Processing and Preserving on Vessels Engaged (1020003)
Seaweed Processing (1020004)
Fit Consumption Fishmeal Production (1020005)
Fruits and Vegetables Processing and Packaging (1030001)
Fruit or Vegetables Food Products Manufacturing (1030003)
Industrial Potatoes Peeling (1030004)
Potatoes Processing and Preserving (1030006)
Fruit or Vegetables Juices Manufacturing (1030009)
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Concentrates Production (1030010)
Jams, and Table Jellies Manufacturing (1030012)
Fruit, Nuts and Vegetables Preserving (1030014)
Nuts Roasting (1030015)
Fruits and Vegetables Perishable Prepared Foods Manufacturing (1030016)
Vegetable Oils Refining and Manufacturing (1040101)
Vegetable Ghee (Margarine) Manufacturing (1040102)
Animal Oils and Fats Manufacturing (1040201)
Fish and Marine Mammal oils Extraction (1040202)
Oils Production Residuals Products Production (1040901)
Liquid Milk Manufacturing (1050001)
Butter Manufacturing (1050002)
Cheese and Curd Manufacturing (1050003)
Yogurt Manufacturing (1050004)
Milk Cream Manufacturing (1050005)
Ice Cream Manufacturing (1050006)
Dried and Concentrated Milk Manufacturing (1050007)
Lactose and Casein Manufacturing (1050009)
Milk-Based Drinks Manufacturing (1050010)
Labneh Products Manufacturing (1050011)
Grain and Crops Milling (1061001)
Cereal Breakfast Foods Manufacturing (1061003)
Rice Milling (1061005)
Flour Products’ Prepared Mixes and Doughs Manufacturing (1061011)
Vegetables Milling (1061012)
Grain Starch Manufacturing (1062001)
Corn Oil Manufacturing (1062002)
Glucose, Glucose Syrup, Maltose and Similar Manufacturing (1062003)
Bread and Rolls Manufacturing (1071001)
Fresh Products, Pastry, and Baked Stuffed Manufacturing (1071002)
Fresh Cake Kinds Manufacturing (1071003)
Mathai Manufacturing (1071004)
Dry Bakery Products Manufacturing (1071005)
Frozen Pastries Manufacturing (1071006)
Preserved Pastry Goods and Cakes Manufacturing (1071007)
Snack Products Manufacturing (1071008)
Tortillas Manufacturing (1071009)
Sugar Refining and Sugar Substitutes Manufacturing (1072001)
Sugar Cubes Manufacturing (1072002)
Sugar Packaging (1072003)
Molasses Manufacturing (1072004)
Cocoa and Cocoa (Butter, Fat and Oil) Manufacturing (1073101)
Chocolate and Chocolate Confectionery Manufacturing (1073102)
Sugar Confectionery Manufacturing (1073901)
Tahineya Sweets Manufacturing (1073902)
Eastern Sweets Manufacturing (1073903)
Chewing Gum Manufacturing (1073904)
Confectionery Lozenges and Pastilles Manufacturing (1073905)
Macaroni and Noodles and Similar Manufacturing (1074001)
Couscous Manufacturing (1074002)
Canned or Frozen Pasta Products Manufacturing (1074003)
Meat or Poultry Dishes Manufacturing (1075001)
Fish Dishes Manufacturing (1075002)
Vegetables Prepared Dishes Manufacturing (1075003)
Canned Stews and Vacuum-Prepared Meals Manufacturing (1075004)
Yeast Manufacturing (1079001)
Food-Grade Salt Processing (1079002)
Tea and Maté Blending (1079004)
Coffee Decaffeinating and Roasting (1079005)
Herb Infusions Manufacturing (1079006)
Salt Packaging (1079008)
Spices, Sauces and Condiments Manufacturing (1079009)
Baby Foods Manufacturing (1079011)
Artificial Concentrates Manufacturing (1079012)
Egg Products and Egg Albumin Manufacturing (1079014)
Vinegar Manufacturing (1079017)
Gelatin Food Manufacturing (1079019)
Artificial Honey and Caramel Manufacturing (1079021)
Soups and Broths Manufacturing (1079022)
Non-Dairy Milk and Cheese Substitutes Manufacturing (1079023)
Popcorn Manufacturing (1079024)
Corn with Cheese Snacks Manufacturing (1079025)
Coffee Products Production (1079026)
Extracts and Preparations Based on Tea or Maté Manufacturing (1079027)
Perishable Prepared Foods Manufacturing (1079028)
Foods Containing Homogenized Ingredients Manufacturing (1079029)
Meat Substitute Products Manufacturing (1079030)
Prepared Farms Animals Feeds, it's Concentrates and Supplements Manufacturing   (1080001)
Prepared Pets Feeds Manufacturing (1080003)
Milk Alternatives for Feeding Baby Animals Manufacturing (1080004)
Farm Animals Unmixed (Single) Feeds Preparation (1080005)

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