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  The major national industrial establishments »took a number of precautionary and preventive measures with the aim of protecting the employees and workers of the technical and engineering staff from the repercussions of the spread of the Corona virus, with the continuation

The major national industrial establishments »took a number of precautionary and preventive measures with the aim of protecting the employees and workers of the technical and engineering staff from the repercussions of the spread of the Corona virus, with the continuation of the work and production process inside the local factories, according to executives of a number of industrial establishments in the country. They told the "Union" that precautionary and preventive measures are taking place to ensure the health of the employees inside the factories, stressing that setting health and safety standards has become a priority for local industrial establishments, while many of them are setting up emergency teams to follow up all developments related to the Corona virus. . They added that the preventive measures included a number of measures, including the work of the shift system to reduce the presence in the factories, as well as the continuous complete sterilization of the facilities, including offices, factories and staff transport buses, with the provision of medical and security teams around the clock inside the industrial units. They emphasized that the factories began taking measures of physical distancing for employees in the workplace, with the establishment of corridors for self-sterilization to protect employees before entering the factories, in addition to activating the mechanism of working remotely in some departments, through technological systems, and sending periodic reports to employees regarding Corona, As well as installing thermal devices to measure the temperature of employees before entering the factories. Legal procedures Ismail Ali Abdullah, CEO of Strata Manufacturing Company, said: “The health and safety of the job staff is at the forefront of work priorities within the company,” stressing that Strata “works according to the campaign launched by the UAE government,“ Give in my work and safety in my home ”with the aim of encouraging society to contribute Ensuring the sustainability of vital business, sustaining the work of important sectors, and maintaining production levels, while adhering to the preventive measures and precautionary measures to continue work and production. Ismail emphasized Strata's keenness to continue its industrial operations, in line with the procedures of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, the recommendations of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, the Industrial Development Office and the Business Sustainability Plan for Strata, adding that the company has implemented a number of precautionary measures to ensure the health Its employees and those present in the factory, including, for example, the establishment of a special emergency team to follow up the latest developments of the "Covid 19" virus, where a clear mechanism for precautionary measures has been put in place to ensure the safety of employees, and periodic reports are sent to all employees, including Ismail Abdullah noted, the application of the work system By the morning and evening shift system to reduce the number of those present in the factory simultaneously, the number of employees in Strata was reduced to 30% of the total employees in the company, in addition to installing a number of thermal devices to measure the temperature of employees. He explained that Strata was keen to have a specialized clinic and medical staff inside the factory to check the employees periodically if necessary, or any employee suffered from any symptoms of influenza, stressing that the factory is periodically sterilized by a specialized cleaning team, including wiping surfaces Offices, phones and computer keyboards with disinfectants, also employees who suffer from flu symptoms, even slight ones, were exempted from being in the factory and following up on their condition, and the number of meetings held, the number of participants, and the use of remote meeting technology, only to enter and allow company employees to the factory, and obligating All outsourcing companies operating in the factory by following all precautionary measures. Staff safety For his part, Eng. Saeed Ghamran Al-Rumaiti, CEO of Emirates Steel Company, told Al-Ittihad, “The company has taken precautionary measures pursuant to the standards approved by the Abu Dhabi government and the directives issued by the World Health Organization, which aim to ensure the health and safety of employees and society as a whole.” Al-Rumaithi added, “Such preventive measures are necessary to preserve the process of work and production within the industrial units of Emirates Steel, as it is one of the vital sectors that support construction projects and are excluded by the competent authorities during times of the national sterilization program, by focusing on safety And the health of its employees, customers and society. ”He explained that the preventive measures and measures taken by Emirates Steel included sterilizing all facilities continuously, including offices, factories and buses, as well as providing medical and security teams around the clock, seven days a week, stressing that the health and safety of employees It remains at the forefront of the priorities of "Emirates Steel." Al-Rumaithi indicated that a corridor for self-sterilization has been established to prevent and protect employees before entering factories, in addition to the implementation of The physical spacing of the employees who must be present in the workplace, noting that the activation of the mechanism of remote work through or the latest technological systems to ensure and facilitate the continuity of work and communication between customers and employees. Governmental directives in turn, said Samih Zamzam, vice president of manufacturing operations at Ducab. “We continue to monitor these rapidly changing situations, and we are keen to follow the directives and initiatives launched by the rational government of the UAE. He stressed the implementation of a set of measures to protect the health of our employees and provide a safe work environment. He praised the wise leadership’s efforts to limit the spread and containment of the "Covid 19" virus, stressing Ducab's keenness to continue the production process and work in parallel with taking more preventive measures and precautionary measures to protect employees and preserve their health. He explained that «Ducab» has directed all employees of its offices to work from their homes, as all requests will be recorded, processing operations, and other procedures remotely. The company has also divided its operations between the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and canceled meetings between its various departments in all its facilities, as a precaution to preserve The safety of its human cadres and ensuring the sustainability and continuity of its work. Zamzam indicated that Ducab was keen to implement hygiene and sterilization procedures in all its factories and facilities, including workers ’housing, as it allocated quarantine rooms for employees returning from travel outside the country, to preserve their health, as well as implementing thermal checks for all who enter All its facilities.

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