Q: What is the Energy Tariff Incentive Program(ETIP 2.0)?

Answer: The ETIP 2.0 aims to improve the competitiveness of Abu Dhabi industrial sector by offering incentives and reduced tariff rates on electricity and gas consumption, thereby lowering the operational cost, enhancing the economic impact, improving productivity and energy efficiency of manufacturing entities and demand side management.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria?

Answer: All the industrial facilities in Abu Dhabi holding valid industrial license issued by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) are eligible to apply for the program.

The industrial entities which are in operation/ production for more than 6 months from date of issue of the “production” license from ADDED are eligible as existing entities. The industrial entities which have “under construction” license issued by ADDED and/or companies which are in operation for first 6 months from the date of issuance of “production” license by ADDED are eligible as new entities and eligible to apply only for electricity tariff. This program does not include free zones and therefore they are not eligible to benefit from the program.

Q: How Can I apply for the program?

Answer: You can apply online by visiting TAMM  and following the instructions.

Q: What are the fees to apply for the program?

Answer: There are no fees for the online application but there are fees charged by the Certifying Bodies. Investors may contact any or all of the Certifying bodies independently to receive the preferred quotation and select any suitable Certifying body.

Q: What is the application evaluation process?

Answer: The following criteria will be used to evaluate the applications of industrial facilities to qualify for the ETIP under various categories:

- Economic Impact
- Productivity
- Electricity Management System (for electricity tariff)  
- Demand Side Management (for gas tariff)


Q: Can I hire my own Auditor for the ETIP 2.0?


The ETIP certification is done by independent third parties knowns as Certifying Bodies that are selected and enrolled under the program by the ADDED.

A list of the certifying bodies is provided in IDB website and is available when the entity signs up for the program.


Q: How long will it take to issue the ETIP 2.0 certificate?

Answer: The evaluation and verification of documents may take between 2 to 5 weeks. The final enrolment certificate issued by the IDB may take 4-5 working days.

Q: Do I need to contact ADDC or AADC or AD Ports?

Answer: No; as for normal circumstances, once the application is open on the IDB portal, the application is reviewed by ADDC / AADC / AD Ports. Based on any further requirements, ADDC / AADC / AD Ports will communicate with the appointed Certifying Body on behalf of the industrial facility.

Q: I have multiple Industrial Licenses in Abu Dhabi. If I participate in the ETIP for one factory, will the certificate be applicable for all my other factories?

Answer: The certificate will be valid only for the industrial license for which the program application is made. Separate applications are required for each of the group factories.
For each of the group factories to participate separately in the program, separate audited financial statements are required for each group factory even though they belong to the same owner.

Q: Will my ETIP certificate be automatically renewed each year?


No; the industrial facility must submit a renewal application before the certificate expires each year, as the evaluation criteria for the facility may change from year to year.

It is highly recommended to apply for renewal of your certificate 60 days before expiry of the current certificate to ensure continuity of the program incentives as it ends immediately when the certificate expires.

Q: If I shift my factory location, will the same certificate and benefits be transferred to the new location?

Answer: This will depend on receiving pre-approval from IDB and the distributing company (ADDC/ AADC/ AD Ports)

Q: How can I improve my eligibility so that I can avail the maximum incentives?

Answer: Industrial entities can improve their scores by improving/ enhancing the eligibility criteria such as increasing the number of skilled employees, Emiratisation and investment. IDB arranges  workshops to support and provide more understanding on the available options, please contact us by email ( etip@ded.abudhabi.ae )

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