Medicaments Manufacturing (2100101)
Veterinary Medicines Manufacturing (2100106)
Medical and Surgical Dressing Materials Manufacturing (2100107)
Radioactive In-Vivo Diagnostic Substances Manufacturing (2100108)
Chemical Contraceptive Products Manufacturing (2100109)
Medical Diagnostic Preparations Manufacturing (2100110)
Botanical Products Preparation for Pharmaceutical use (2100901)
Biotech Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing (2100904)
Chemically Pure Sugars Manufacturing (2100905)
Irradiation Apparatus and Tubes Manufacturing (2660002)
Medical Laser Equipment Manufacturing (2660003)
Pacemakers Manufacturing (2660007)
Hearing Aids Manufacturing (2660009)
Computerized Tomography Scanners Manufacturing (2660010)
Positron Emission Tomography Scanners Manufacturing (2660011)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Equipment Manufacturing (2660012)
Medical Ultrasound Equipment Manufacturing (2660013)
Electrocardiographs Manufacturing (2660014)
Electromedical Endoscopic Equipment Manufacturing (2660015)
Manufacture of biomedical and human augmentation devices (2660017)
Dental Instruments Manufacturing (3250001)
Medical, Surgical, Dental and Veterinary Furniture Manufacturing (3250002)
Artificial Teeth and Similar Manufacturing (3250003)
Orthopedic and Prosthetic Devices Manufacturing (3250004)
Massage, Psycho-Therapy, and Inhaling Equipment Manufacturing (3250008)
Medical Thermometers Manufacturing (3250014)
Laboratory Sterilizers Manufacturing (3250014)
Ophthalmic Optical Products Manufacturing (3250016)
Bone Plates and Screws, Syringes, Needles, Catheters, Cannulae and Similar Manufacturing (3250017)
Surgical Drapes, Sterile Strings and Tissues Manufacturing (3250018)
Inorganic Industrial or Medical Gases Manufacturing (2011005)
Soap Manufacturing (2023001)
Clothing Accessories Manufacturing (1410119)
Disposable Plastic Cutlery Manufacturing (2220101)
Plastic Supplies for Medical Laboratories Manufacturing (2220156)
Motor Vehicles Bodies, Including Cabs Manufacturing (2920901)
All Types of Motor Vehicles Outfitting (2920902)
Hand-Propelled Vehicles Manufacturing (3099001)
Compounds Basic Organic Chemicals Manufacturing (2011018)
Chemical Elements Manufacturing (2011003)
Distilled Water Manufacturing (2011008)
Essential Oils  Manufacturing (Essence) (2029021)
Rubber Plates, Sheets ,Rods and Profile Shapes Manufacturing (2219001)
Clothing Accessories Manufacturing (1410119)
Work Wears Manufacturing (1410103)
Hats and Caps Manufacturing (1410117)

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