Glass and Crystal other Domestic Articals and Drinking Glasses Manufacturing
Glass Fibers and Wool Glass Manufacturing
Glass Mirrors Manufacturing
Stained Glass Forming
Glass and Crystal Bottles and Containers Manufacturing
Enameling Glass Bottles
Glass Multiple-Walled Insulating Units Manufacturing
Toughened or Laminated Flat Glass Manufacturing
Glass Figurines Manufacturing
Flat Glass Manufacturing (Floatation)
Glass Insulators and its Fittings Manufacturing
Glass Paving Blocks Manufacturing
Glass Rods and Tubes Manufacturing.
Lamps Glass Envelopes Manufacturing
Laboratory, Hygienic or Pharmaceutical Glassware Manufacturing
Heat-Insulating Ceramic Products Manufacturing
Refractory Ceramic Bricks, Blocks and Tiles and Similar Manufacturing
Refractory Mortars, Concretes and Similar Manufacturing
Ceramic Sanitary Fixtures Manufacturing
Strctural Non-Refractory Clay Building Products Manufacturing
Ceramics Electrical Insulators and Insulating Fittings Manufacturing
Ceramic Laboratory, Chemical and Industrial Products Manufacturing
Ceramic Tableware, Domestic and Toilet Articles Manufacturing
Clinkers and Hydraulic Cements Manufacturing
Lime Manufacturing
Gypsum Manufacturing
Construction Precast Articles Manufacturing
Ready-mix and Dry-mix Concrete and Mortars Manufacturing
Fiber Glass Cement Products Manufacturing
Prefabricated Structural Components Manufacturing
Construction Plaster Products Manufacturing (Gypsum)
Asbestos-cement, Cellulose Fiber-cement and the Like Products Manufacturing
Stones Cutting, Shaping and Finishing
Stones Sanitary Ware Manufacturing
Stones Decorative Products Manufacturing
Stone Furniture Manufacturing
Mineral Insulating Materials Manufacturing
Worked Mica and Articles of Mica or Peat or Graphite Manufacturing
Non Metal False Ceiling Manufacturing
Carbon and Graphite Fibers and its Products Manufacturing
Natural or Artificial Abrasive Products for Millstones, Sharpening or Polishing
Insulated Pipes Manufacturing
Processing of The Extracted Materials from Some Types of Earths, Rocks and Minerals

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