Electron Tubes Manufacturing (2610002)
Electronic Wafers and Semiconductors Manufacturing (2610003)
Diodes, Transistors and Related Discrete Devices Manufacturing (2610004)
Electronic Resistors Manufacturing (2610005)
Printer, Monitor, and USB Cables and Similar Manufacturing (2610006)
Bare Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturing (2610007)
Printed Circuit Boards Loading Components (2610008)
Electronic Capacitors Manufacturing (2610011)
Microprocessors Manufacturing (2610012)
Electronic Connectors Manufacturing (2610013)
Light Emitting Diodes (LED) Manufacturing (2610014)
Display Components Manufacturing (2610015)
Electronic Inductors Manufacturing (2610016)
Interface Cards Manufacturing (2610017)
Printers Manufacturing (2620004)
Computer Terminals Not Mechanically Operated Manufacturing (2620005)
Smart Card Readers Manufacturing (2620006)
Scanners Manufacturing (2620007)
Desktop Computers Manufacturing (2620010)
Laptop Computers Manufacturing (2620011)
Mainframe Computers Manufacturing (2620012)
Hand-Held Computers Manufacturing (2620013)
Computer Storage Devices Manufacturing (2620014)
Dedicated Computer Terminals Manufacturing (2620015)
Multi-Function Office Equipment Manufacturing (2620016)
Manufacturing of multi-dimensional printers (2620017)
Manufature of quantum computing products (2620018)
Data Communications Equipment Manufacturing (2630001)
Radio and Television Studio and Broadcasting Equipment Manufacturing (2630002)
Transmitting and Receiving Antennas Manufacturing (2630003)
Infrared Devices Manufacturing (2630005)
Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems Manufacturing (2630006)
Manufacture of sensors and communication systems (2630007)
Manufacture of jamming equipment and their systems (2630009)
Manufacture of security and surveillance equipment (2630010)
Manufacture of Sensors and Military Communications Systems (2630011)
Video Cassette Recorders and Duplicating Equipment Manufacturing (2640001)
Microphones Manufacturing (2640002)
Household-Type Video Cameras Manufacturing (2640003)
Television Monitors and Displays Manufacturing (2640004)
Video Games Consoles Manufacturing (2640005)
CD and DVD Players Manufacturing (2640006)
Televisions Manufacturing (2640007)
Headphones Manufacturing (2640008)
Speakers Systems Manufacturing (2640009)
Environmental Controls and Appliances Automatic Controls Manufacturing (2651003)
Consumption Meters Manufacturing (2651004)
Incubators and Miscellaneous Laboratory Apparatus for Weighting, Measuring, Testing and similar Manufacturing (2651007)
Physical Properties Testing and Inspection Equipment Manufacturing (2651008)
Laboratory Analytical Instruments Manufacturing (2651009)
Hydronic Limit Controls Manufacturing (2651010)
Flame and Burner Control Manufacturing (2651011)
Humidistats Manufacturing (2651012)
Automotive Emissions Testing Equipment Manufacturing (2651013)
Meteorological Instruments Manufacturing (2651014)
Radiation Detection and Monitoring Instruments Manufacturing (2651015)
Spectrometers Manufacturing (2651016)
Thermometers Liquid-in-Glass and Bimetal Types (Except Medical) Manufacturing (2651017)
Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals Instruments Manufacturing (2651018)
Radar Equipment Manufacturing (2651019)
Manufacture of phenomena monitoring devices (2651020)
Manufacture of measurment and control equipment (2651021)
military remote control systems Manufacture (2651023)
Watches and Clocks of All Kinds Manufacturing (2652001)
Time-Recording, Measuring and Displaying Intervals Manufacturing (2652003)
Watch and Clock Cases of All Kinds Manufacturing (2652004)
Time Switches and Other Releases Manufacturing (2652005)
Clocks and Watches Components of All Kinds Manufacturing (2652006)
Irradiation Apparatus and Tubes Manufacturing (2660002)
Medical Laser Equipment Manufacturing (2660003)
Pacemakers Manufacturing (2660007)
Hearing Aids Manufacturing (2660009)
Computerized Tomography Scanners Manufacturing (2660010)
Positron Emission Tomography Scanners Manufacturing (2660011)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Equipment Manufacturing (2660012)
Medical Ultrasound Equipment Manufacturing (2660013)
Electrocardiographs Manufacturing (2660014)
Electromedical Endoscopic Equipment Manufacturing (2660015)
Food and Milk Irradiation Equipment Manufacturing (2660016)
Manufacture of biomedical and human augmentation devices (2660017)
Coating, Polishing and Mounting of Lenses (2670003)
Optical Magnifying Instruments Manufacturing (2670004)
Film Cameras and Digital Cameras Manufacturing (2670005)
Optical Measuring and Checking Devices and Instruments Manufacturing (2670008)
Lenses and Prisms Manufacturing (2670009)
Manufacture of mixed reality and digital simulation devices (2670010)
Blank Magnetic Audio and Video Tapes Manufacturing (2680001)
Blank Magnetic Audio and Video Cassettes Manufacturing (2680002)
Blank Diskettes Manufacturing (2680003)
Blank Optical Discs Manufacturing (2680004)
Hard Drive Media Manufacturing (2680006)

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