Turbines and Parts Thereof Manufacturing (2811001)
Marine Engines Manufacturing (2811002)
Railway Engines Manufacturing (2811003)
Boilers-Turbines Sets Manufacturing (2811004)
Pistons, Piston Rings, Carburetors and Such for All Engines Manufacturing (2811005)
Internal Combustion Engines Inlet and Exhaust Valves Manufacturing (2811006)
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components Manufacturing (2812001)
Fluids Power Systems Manufacturing (2812002)
Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Manufacturing (2812003)
Liquids Pumps Manufacturing (2813001)
Industrial Taps and Valves Manufacturing (2813003)
Sanitary Taps and Valves Manufacturing (2813004)
Air or Vacuum Pumps and Air or Gas Compressors Manufacturing (2813005)
Internal Combustion Engines Pumps Manufacturing (2813006)
Heating Taps and Valves Manufacturing (2813007)
Hand Pumps Manufacturing (2813008)
Ball and Roller Bearings and Parts Thereof Manufacturing (2814001)
Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing (2814002)
Gears, Gearing and Gear Boxes and Other Speed Changers Manufacturing (2814003)
Industrial and Laboratory Furnaces, Ovens, and Incinerators Manufacturing (2815001)
Burners Manufacturing (2815002)
Permanent Mount Non-Electric Household Heating Equipment Manufacturing (2815003)
Permanent Mount Electric Space and Swimming Pool Heaters Manufacturing (2815005)
Household-Type Furnaces Manufacturing (2815006)
Mechanical Stokers and Parts Thereof Manufacturing (2815007)
Lifting or Handling Works Trucks Manufacturing (2816002)
Pulley Tackle and Hoists, Winches, Capstans and Jacks Manufacturing (2816004)
Derricks, Cranes, Mobile Lifting Frames, Straddle Carriers and Similar Manufacturing (2816005)
Lifting and Handling Equipment Specialized Parts Manufacturing (2816007)
Lifts, Escalators and Moving Walkways Manufacturing (2816009)
Access Cradles Manufacturing (2816010)
Conveyors, Telepherique and Similar Manufacturing (2816011)
Calculating Machines Manufacturing (2817001)
Photocopy Machines Manufacturing (2817002)
Typewriter Manufacturing (2817003)
Coin Counting and Wrapping Machinery Manufacturing (2817004)
Postage Meters, Mail Handling Machines and Collating Machinery Manufacturing (2817005)
Office-Type Binding Equipment Manufacturing (2817006)
Toner Cartridges Manufacturing (2817007)
Calculators Manufacturing (2817008)
Pencils Sharpeners Manufacturing (2817009)
Staplers and Staple Removers Manufacturing (2817010)
Tapes Dispensers Manufacturing (2817011)
Blackboards, Whiteboards and Marker Boards Manufacturing (2817012)
Motor Drills and Hammer Drills Hand Tools Manufacturing (2818001)
Motor Stapling and Nailing Hand Tools of All Kinds Manufacturing (2818003)
Motor Circular or Reciprocating Saws Hand Tools Manufacturing (2818006)
Liquids Filtering or Purifying Machinery and Apparatus Manufacturing (2819101)
Liquefying Air or Gas Machinery Manufacturing (2819105)
Air-Conditioning Machines Manufacturing (2819201)
Air Conditioners Requisites Manufacturing (2819204)
Attic Ventilation Fans Manufacturing (2819206)
Industrial Refrigerating or Freezing Equipment Manufacturing (2819207)
Non Sensitive Weighing Machinery Manufacturing (2819901)
General Purpose Machinery Parts Manufacturing (2819903)
Projecting, Dispersing or Spraying Liquids or Powders Equipment Manufacturing (2819904)
Heat Exchangers Manufacturing (2819908)
Gaskets and Similar Joints Manufacturing (2819909)
Agricultural and Forestry Tractors Manufacturing (2821001)
Lawnmowers Machinery Manufacturing (2821002)
Harvesting and Threshing Machinery Manufacturing (2821003)
Agricultural Spraying Machinery Manufacturing (2821004)
Cleaning, Sorting or Grading Agricultural and Farmer Products Machines Manufacturing (2821005)
Soil Preparation, Planting or Fertilizing Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing (2821007)
Milking Machines Manufacturing (2821008)
Farms Animals Keeping Machinery and Agricultural Preparation Equipment Manufacturing (2821009)
Manufacture of agriculture technology and equipment (2821010)
Working Materials Machines Tools Manufacturing (2822001)
Stamping or Pressing Machine Tools Manufacturing (2822002)
Particle Boards Manufacture and the Like Presses Manufacturing (2822003)
Electroplating Machinery Manufacturing (2822004)
Removal or Planing or Crushing Materials Process Machines Tools Manufactirng (2822005)
Machine Tools Parts and Accessories Manufacturing (2822006)
Hydraulic Presses, Brakes and Hammering Forming Machines Manufacturing (2822007)
Manufacture of machines and equipment for military factories (2822008)
Machines and Equipment for Handling Hot Metals Manufacturing (2823001)
Metal-Rolling Mills and It’s Rolls Manufacturing (2823002)
Underground Continuous-Action Elevators and Conveyors Manufacturing (2824001)
Boring, Cutting, Sinking and Tunnelling Machinery Manufacturing (2824002)
Concrete and Mortar Mixers Manufacturing (2824003)
Treating Minerals Machinery Manufacturing (2824004)
Track Laying and Construction or Mining Tractors Manufacturing (2824006)
Earth-Moving Machinery Manufacturing (2824007)
Pile Drivers and Extractors, Spreaders, Surfacing and Similar Machinery Manufacturing (2824008)
Bulldozer and Angle-Dozer Blades Manufacturing (2824009)
Oil and Gas fields Equipment Manufacturing (2824010)
Food Processing Machines and Equipment Manufacturing (2825101)
Agricultural Dryers Manufacturing (2825102)
Beverages Preparation Machinery Manufacturing (2825103)
Clean, Sort or Grade Seeds, Grain or Dried Leguminous Vegetables Machinery Manufacturing (2825104)
Hotels and Restaurants Food Preparation Machinery Manufacturing (2825105)
Produce Flour Machinery Manufacturing (2825106)
Preparation Tobacco and Producing its Products Machinery Manufacturing (2825901)
Textile Fibers Preparation Machines Manufacturing (2826001)
Preparing and Producing Man-Made Textile Fibers and Yarns Machines Manufacturing (2826002)
Textile Machinery Auxiliary Machines and Equipment Manufacturing (2826003)
Textile Fabric Treatment Machinery Manufacturing (2826004)
Textile Fabrics Handling Process Machines Manufacturing (2826005)
Laundry Machinery Manufacturing (2826006)
Sewing Machines, Its Heads and Needles Manufacturing (2826007)
Producing or Finishing Felt or Non-Woven Machines Manufacturing (2826008)
Making, Repairing Footwear and Leather or Fur Skins Products Machinery Manufacturing (2826009)
Working Soft Rubber or Plastics and its Products Machinery Manufacturing (2829001)
Paper and Paperboard Making Machinery Manufacturing (2829002)
Printing and Bookbinding Machines and Printing Supporting Activities Machines Manufacturing (2829004)
Wood, Paper Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Dryers Manufacturing (2829005)
Electric or Electronic Lamps and Similar Assembly Machines Manufacturing (2829006)
Glass or Glassware Production or Hot-Working Machines Manufacturing (2829007)
Pipeline Processing Tools and Equipments for special Purpose Used Manufacturing (2829016)
Robots and Simulation Devices Manufacturing (2829017)
Roundabouts, Swings, Shooting Galleries and other Fairground Amusements Manufacturing (2829018)
Making Paper Pulp Machinery Manufacturing (2829019)
Paper or Paperboard Articles Producing Machinery Manufacturing (2829020)
Special Purposes Industrial Robots Manufacturing (2829021)

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