Passengers Cars Manufacturing (2910001)
Buses Manufacturing (2910002)
Motor Vehicles Engines Manufacturing (2910004)
Motor Vehicles Engines Factory Rebuilding (2910005)
Commercial Vehicles Manufacturing (2910006)
Manufacture of autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles and their parts and systems (2910007)
Trailers and Semi-Trailers Manufacturing (2920101)
Transport Modes Carriage Containers Manufacturing (2920106)
Military Containers Manufacturing (2920107)
Motor Vehicles Bodies, Including Cabs Manufacturing (2920901)
All Types of Motor Vehicles Outfitting (2920902)
Plating machinery & vehicles (2920903)
Motor Vehicles Radiators Parts Thereof Manufacturing (2930101)
Motor Vehicles Silencers, Catalytic Converters, and Exhaust Pipes Manufacturing (2930102)
Gear Boxes, Axles, Road Wheels, Suspension Systems and Parts Thereof (2930104)
Motor Vehicles Brakes and Clutches Manufacturing (2930107)
Motor Vehicles Bodies Parts and Accessories Manufacturing (2930108)
Car Seats Manufacturing (2930109)
Motor Vehicle Electrical Equipment Manufacturing (2930110)
Air Filters Manufacturing ( 2930901)
Oil Filters Manufacturing (2930902)
Fuel Filters Manufacturing (2930904)
Water Filters Manufacturing (2930905)
Building of Commercial Vessels (3011101)
Ships and Floating Structures Sections Manufacturing (3011103)
Building of Fishing Boats and Fish-Processing Factory Vessels (3011104)
Building of Military Ships (3011105)
Construction of Drilling Platforms, Floating or Submersible (3011905)
Construction of Floating Structures (3011906)
Building of Hovercraft (3011907)
Inflatable Boats and Rafts Manufacturing (3012004)
Building of Sailboats (3012005)
Building of Motor Boats (3012006)
Building of Recreation-Type Hovercraft (3012007)
Personal Watercraft Manufacturing (3012008)
Pleasure and Sporting Boats Manufacturing (3012009)
Rail Locomotives Manufacturing (3020001)
Self-Propelled Railway and Tramway Coaches Manufacturing (3020002)
Mechanical and Electromechanical Signalling, Safety and Traffic Control (3020003)
Railway Car Seats Manufacturing (3020004)
Non Self-Propelled Railway and Tramway Coaches Manufacturing (3020005)
Railway,Tramway, and Locomotives Specialized Parts Manufacturing (3020006)
Airplanes Manufacturing (3030001)
Parts and Accessories of Aircraft and Spacecraft Manufacturing (3030003)
Dirigibles and Hot Air Balloons Manufacturing (3030004)
Aircraft Seats Manufacturing (3030005)
Military Ballistic and Guided Missiles Manufacturing (3030006)
Helicopters Manufacturing (3030007)
Gliders and Hang-Gliders Manufacturing (3030008)
Ground Flying Trainers Manufacturing (3030009)
Manufacture of rockets launching spacecraft and satellites (3030010)
Military Aircrafts Manufacturing (3030011)
Spacecrafts Manufacturing (3030012)
Military Fighting Vehicles Manufacturing (3040001)
Tanks Manufacturing (3040002)
Armored Amphibious Military Vehicles Manufacturing (3040003)
Motorcycles and Cycles With an Auxiliary Engine Manufacturing (3091001)
Motorcycles Engines Manufacturing (3091004)
Sidecars Manufacturing (3091005)
Motorcycles Parts and Accessories Manufacturing (3091006)
Non-Motorized Bicycles and Other Cycles Manufacturing (3092001)
Bicycles Parts and Accessories Manufacturing (3092002)
Invalid Carriages Manufacturing (3092003)
Baby Carriages Manufacturing (3092004)
Invalid Carriages Parts and Accessories Manufacturing (3092005)
Hand-Propelled Vehicles Manufacturing (3099001)
Vehicles Drawn by Animals Manufacturing (3099003)

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