Unassembled Wooden Flooring Manufacturing (1610005)
Wood Drying (1610006)
Wood Sawdust Manufacturing (1610007)
Wood Sawing, Planing and Machining (1610008)
Wood Chemical Treatment (1610009)
Veneer Sheets Manufacturing (1621001)
Densified Wood Manufacturing (1621002)
Particle Board and Fibreboard Manufacturing (1621004)
Plywood, and Similar Laminated Wood Boards Manufacturing (1621005)
Latching of Wooden Panels (1621006)
Wooden Doors, Windows, Shutters and Their Frames Manufacturing (1622001)
Fireproof Wooden Doors Manufacturing (1622002)
Wooden Beadings and Mouldings, Shingles and Shakes Manufacturing (1622003)
Pre-Fabricated Wooden Buildings and Parts Manufacturing (1622004)
Wooden Beams, Rafters, Roof Struts Manufacturing (1622008)
Fixed Wooden Partitions Manufacturing (1622009)
Wooden Mobile Homes Manufacturing (1622010)
Wooden Stairs and Handrails Manufacturing (1622011)
Wooden Barrels, Tubs and Other Coopers’ Products Manufacturing (1623001)
Wooden Cable-Drums Manufacturing (1623002)
Wooden Packing Cases, Boxes, Crates and Similar Packings Manufacturing (1623003)
Wooden Pallets of All Kinds and Other Load Boards Manufacturing (1623005)
Natural Cork Processing and Agglomerated Cork Manufacturing (1629101)
Plaits and Plaiting Materials Products Manufacturing (1629103)
Basket-Ware and Wickerwork Manufacturing (1629104)
Natural or Agglomerated Articles Manufacturing (1629105)
Wooden Tools Handles and Bodies, Brooms, Brushes Manufacturing (1629901)
Wooden Clothes Hangers and Clothespins Manufacturing (1629902)
Wooden Household Utensils and Kitchenware Manufacturing (1629903)
Wooden Boot or Shoe Parts Manufacturing (1629904)
Wooden Spools, Cops, Reels and Similar Articles of Turned Wood Manufacturing (1629905)
Smoking Pipe Wooden Blocks Manufacturing (1629906)
Wooden Curtains Manufacturing (1629907)
Wooden Umbrellas, Canes and Similar Handles Manufacturing (1629908)
Jewellery Wooden Cases, Cutlery and Similar Articles Manufacturing (1629909)
Wooden Mirrors, Pictures and Artists’ Canvases Frames Manufacturing (1629910)
Wooden Decorative Products Manufacturing (1629911)
Fire Logs Manufacturing (1629912) 
Wooden Signboards Manufacturing (1629913)  
Paper Pulp Manufacturing (1701001)
Paper and Paperboard Manufacturing (1701002)
Paper and Paperboard Processing (1701003)
Paper and Paperboard Laminated Boards Manufacturing (1701004)
Cotton-Linters Pulp Manufacturing (1701005)
Waste Paper Pulp and Ink Removal Manufacturing (1701006)
Corrugated Paper and Paperboard Manufacturing (1702001)
Corrugated Paper or Paperboard Containers Manufacturing (1702002)
Paper Boxes and Packages Manufacturing (1702003)
Paper Sacks and Bags Manufacturing (1702004)
Office Box Files and Similar Articles Manufacturing (1702005)
Paper Tubes Manufacturing (1702006)
Paper Cups , Dishes and Trays Manufacturing (1709001)
Printing and Writing Ready Used Paper Manufacturing (1709003)
Books, Albums and Similar Educational and Commercial Stationery Manufacturing (1709004)
Egg Trays and Other Moulded Pulp Packaging Products Manufacturing (1709005)
Envelopes and Letter-Cards Manufacturing (1709006)
Paper Handkerchiefs, Towels, and Serviettes Manufacturing (1709008)
Sanitary Towels, Tampons, and Babies Napkins and Its Liners Manufacturing (1709009)
Gummed or Adhesive Ready Used Paper Manufacturing (1709013)
Paper Stationery Assortment Writing Compendiums Manufacturing (1709014)
Wallpaper and Similar Wall Coverings Manufacturing (1709015)
Computer Printout Ready Used Paper Manufacturing (1709016)
Self Adhesive Labels Manufacturing (1709017)
Filter Paper and Paperboard Manufacturing (1709018)
Paper and Paperboard Bobbins, Spools, Cops and Others Manufacturing (1709020)
Textile Wadding and Wadding Articles Manufacturing (1709021)

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